And I can show you how to cultivate and develop your potentials, how to overcome the problems that everyone sometimes encounters and preserve good health regardless of age.

My program is based on skills and knowledge that I have been practicing and studying for 10 years, combined with communication skills I have been professionally engaged for 15 years. All of them help us to cultivate our true nature, and truly enjoy in life instead of just living. They meet the achievements of modern science, as well as the thousands-years-long-truths. Simply for learning, easy for practicing.

Every day I myself practice these skills. I enjoy them and I want to share them with everyone who truly tries to understand themselves and others and transform obstacles and problems into opportunities and solutions.

Only over the past year, about 5,000 people attended lectures, seminars, workshops and individual consultations I held and organized. A smile on their face and further results in life are my best confirmation.

I devoted a decade to practicing and studying the skills of personal development, such as meditation, Bach Flower Remedies, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and related disciplines, taking into account the achievements of both the East and Western doctrines. Taking the best of them and “translating” them into a language that is easy for everyone to understand, I like to share my knowledge with people. Everything that I speak, write and teach, I practice myself, and I deeply believe that it is the only right way.

I have a great experience of 15 years in communications. I started to work early and with less than 25 years I seriously met the business world of domestic and foreign companies. Since I was 26, I have been at leading managerial and managerial positions. This practically means: work in 6 large companies, manage small and large teams, manage more than 1,000 different projects in the field of communication, marketing and management, write more than 1,000 media articles, educate about 100 managers and directors in the fields of communication, public and media performances and presentation skills. I am proud of the diploma of the professor of Serbian-world literature and language, which I acquired at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

I am writing columns for the Beauty and Health portals, the Antistress guide and the Best Mom in the world.

I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained through working with many wonderful and ordinary people, managers eager for success, serious directors and great leaders, with celebrities, politicians, young people and the elderly. But most of all, my son, who teaches me daily, new life joys.